History of Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games being played today. While it may not have been the most popular, over the years, it has gained more and more attention and is now one of the most played games in any casino setting. Many believe Baccarat to have Asian origins, when in fact, it first appeared in France in the early 1400s. The name of the game is derived from the Italian word that means zero. The reason for this is due to the fact that all of the tens, jacks, queens and kings have a zero value and are not counted as tens or at face value. Even though Baccarat dates back to the 1400s, it took around 500 years for it to become a recognised casino game when it started being enjoyed in Europe, specifically by those of French Royalty.

Popular Versions of the Game

Since the game has been introduced, there have been three versions of Baccarat that have remained very popular for gamblers. These include Punto Banco, Baccarat Banque and Baccarat Chemin de Far. Most of these games have identical rules and the main difference lies in how the cards are dealt when playing. The most popular version of the game being played today is Punto Banco, also referred to as Mini Baccarat. With this game, the dealer will deal all of the cards and players merely bet on the outcome of the game. Online Baccarat Seeing as Baccarat has grown in popularity over the years, many online casino software developers have incorporated the game into their portfolios. When playing online, the multiple versions of the game can be found and in some countries, one version may be more popular than the others. No matter what baccarat game is being played online, players will have the ability to play for free or for real money wagers.

The game is easy to learn and many master it quickly, however, it does remain a game that is very popular among high rollers in the casinos. With online baccarat, a random number generator is used to present players with fair chances at winning. The cards are all dealt at random so there is no chance of altering the deal or giving one player an advantage over another. There are also some online casinos that feature a live version of the game, where it is played in real time and presented by live dealers. These games are simulcast from land locations and are played following the same set of rules. Online baccarat is now one of the more popular card games found at casino sites and with more and more players worldwide taking an interest, it will remain a popular choice and one that will always be featured at casino gaming sites. You may also want to check these sites.